• How does it work?

    Once is a straightforward tool. It allows the user to create a one-time secret which is deleted once read or reaches the lifespan you set. This is great for passwords, URLs, one-time passwords or any other information you don’t want to send that could be used again.

  • Do I need an account?

    You do not need an account. The signup is just if you wish to send via email. This has been added to stop the mail being spammed and potentially causing our IP to be blacklisted.

  • How do I delete my account?

    To delete your account you must be logged in. We do not send any emails or marketing.

  • How is data stored

    The data is encrypted for the time it exists on the server. The tool has no admin section and is IP locked, so the database is not accessible in any other manner. Both content and user passwords are hashed.

  • I sent my link to the wrong person!

    If you share the link with the wrong person do not worry. The is a very unlikely chance that person would guess what the password was for. The odds are in your favour. If you are concerned, then changing your password is recommended.

  • About the tool and it's creator

    The tool was created for users to share one-time information. There are a few other sites that offer the service, but my clients felt uneasy using then as some look very dated and have little information on the creator and the data storage. Once was created by Paul Maloney. A UK based designer and developer.